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Computer Science

Computer Science is a pervasive field spanning every aspect of our lives. It is more than the study of computing and what computers can do. Computer Science is about how we create and use computational tools and what we find out when we do. It’s a field that applies algorithmic thinking to solve problems. It encompasses organizing and analyzing data; creating intelligence; communications; controlling machinery; creating media; designing robots; and doing science.

The Degree in Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science is known worldwide as an incubator of original ideas that have spawned some of the most exciting advances in the Computer Science field. With a broad vision of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon acts quickly to explore new directions, and is on the leading edge of research in this dynamic field.

Students in the Computer Science program acquire a wide variety of skills that transcend technological trends. Our program encourages creativity, emphasizes the importance of understanding current trends and provides the fundamental skills needed to develop new technology. This unique approach is what sets Carnegie Mellon apart from its peer institutions and what has enabled its remarkable history of innovation.

What the program involves

The Computer Science program combines a solid core of Computer Science courses with the opportunity to gain substantial depth in other areas through a large number of electives. As computing is a discipline with h4 links to many fields, this provides students with unparalleled flexibility to pursue a variety of interests.

The curriculum’s mathematics and statistics component ensures that students have the formal tools to remain current as technologies and systems change, rather than be limited by a focus solely on programming. At the same time, students gain insight into the practical issues of building and maintaining systems by participating in intensive project-oriented courses.

Computer Science faculty members are highly active in research, which ensures that students are always exposed to the state of the art in this rapidly evolving field. Additionally, students have opportunities to participate in existing research projects or develop and conduct research projects in their own particular field of interest.

Career paths & potential employers

Blending innovative research with exceptional educational programs, Carnegie Mellon Qatar provides students with both theoretical foundations and the practical experience necessary for success in a wide range of fields.

CS graduates obtain a variety of jobs including software engineers, software developers, financial analysts, game programmers, design engineers and consultants. They work in emerging fields such as language technology, computational biology, human-computer interaction and robotics.

To graduate, the university requires students to participate in projects where theories learned must be applied. This is why our graduates are sought by Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, VMware, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Citadel and Citigroup.

Students in Qatar have completed internships with prominent organizations including Q-Tel, Shell, Qatar Petroleum, RasGas, Cisco and ExxonMobil, and have applied their skills to assist charitable organizations such as ROTA and Al-Noor Institute.

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