It's all about balance. As a Carnegie Mellon student, you'll work hard. Academic expectations are high. The workload can be heavy. However, Carnegie Mellon is not all about work. It's also about having fun.

From the first day of Orientation, current Carnegie Mellon students will be introducing you to innumerable opportunities to do just that. Learn to be a leader in the Carnegie Mellon Student Majlis. Travel to other countries. Write for All Around, the campus newspaper. Meet corporate leaders and CEO's through the Connections program.

Getting involved with campus life helps you learn how to balance academic expectations with other commitments. It makes you a more invested member of the campus community and provides you with a richer, more fulfilling campus experience.

To learn more about student life at Carnegie Mellon, visit here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Orientation, Orientation, and Convocation
Health and Wellness
On Campus Housing
International Students
  • What is pre-orientation? Pre-orientation is an half-day appointment during the summer where enrolling students meet with their first-year advisor, Dr. Marion Oliver, take academic placement exams, and handle other administrative details such as obtaining your Carngie Mellon Qatar I.D. card. While meeting with Dr. Oliver, students will receive course schedules and have an opportunity to ask questions about transitioning to Carnegie Mellon Qatar.
  • Why do I have to take a math and writing assessment? All new students must either show proficiency or pass 2 English and 2 math courses during their first year at CMUQ. The math and writing assessments are the best way to test your proficiency in these areas, and your results may allow you to "pass out" of the first semester of math and/or English. So make sure to try your best during these assessments!
  • How will I know what classes for which to register? As a first-year student, you don't need to be worried about arranging you schedule! Your advisor, Dr. Oliver, will provide you with the course schedule you'll take for your fall semester and you will be automatically registered.
  • When is orientation? CMUQ's orientation will take place August 17-21. There will also be an orientation day organized by HBKU on August 23rd.
  • What is the purpose of orientation? Orientation is a fun and helpful program that will help you with your transition to university life. You will meet your classmates, as well as staff and professors, and you'll learn so much about how CMU works and what it means to be a Tartan!
  • What should I bring to orientation? You should bring something to write with and a small notebook, plus an open mind and your excitement! We will provide you with everything you may need during orientation. Please leave your brothers, sisters, counsins, friends, and parents at home!
  • What should I wear to orientation? You should wear something in which you'll feel comfortable and be able to move around. No need for suits or formal attire.
  • Is orientation mandatory? Yes, but you'll love it! It is the best and easiest way to become a part of the Tartan family.
  • What is convocation? Convocation is a formal ceremony that officially marks the beginning of your academic career as well as ushers new students into the Carnegie Mellon family. Conovation will be held on Wednesday August 20, 2014.
  • I have read through all of the FAQ's in this section and still have questions! Who can I contact? Send questions via email to orientation.cmuq2018@gmail.com.
Health and Wellness
  • All incoming students must :
    o Complete an online health history form
    o Read and acknowledge our online notice of privacy practices
    o Comply with the university's health insurance mandate
  • When you have your andrew ID, you can access all of our online forms in HealthConnect (select Forms). If you have problems, contact us for help.
  • No, the online immunization form does not allow you to save partial information and return later to complete the form. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you:
     1. Print a blank copy of our online immunization form.
     2. Gather all of your immunization records.
     3. Complete the form on paper.
     4. Review your information with your family.
     5. Enter the information into the online immunization form.
  • No. Incoming students only need to complete the online forms. Before completing your forms, you will need to gather your health and immunization records, and review the information with your family. 
  • No, we do not accept immunization records for incoming students by mail, fax, or email. All incoming students must complete the online immunization form through HealthConnect. 
  • Is my family/personal medical history confidential? Your health/medical records are confidential. Information will not be released without your consent except for communicable diseases (i.e. chicken pox, measles, mumps), which much be reported to the Health Authority by law.
  • Why is immunization information required? Immunization information is required in accordance with Carnegie Mellon Qatar and Qatar Foundation policies, and is in place to protect you and the community against vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • The Immunization Action Coalition offers easy-to-understand information about each of these vaccines, including information in foreign languages. 
  • What immunizations are required? Immunization requirements can be found in this document. We also recommend that you view this Frequently Asked Questions document.
  • Why do I need health insurance?All full-time students are required to have insurance coverage. The intent of this policy is to insure that students have access to health care, and are protected from significant financial loss in the event of seriously illness, injury or emergency evacuation. Qatar citizens and residents can provide a copy of their Hamad health cards as proof of insurance. International and GCC must purchase insurance that meets the University's requirements.  
  • I am a student transferring from one of the other Education City universities or the Academic Bridge Program. Do I still have to complete all of the health records? Yes! Medical information is confidential and is not shared between institutions in Education City.
  • How will I know if all my health documentation has been received and all requirements have been met? You will receive an email confirmation from the Director of Health and Wellness. Only when the Director has confirmed, in writing, that everything has been met are you complete!
  • Without a completed medical file, you will not be able to register for classes nor will you be able to meet with your academic advisor during pre-orientation. You are not considered a fully matriculated student until your health requirements are complete.
  • I have read through all of the FAQ's in the Health and Wellness section and still have questions! Who can I contact? Send questions via email to ymalek@qatar.cmu.edu
On Campus Housing
International Students